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Welcome to the SCWDC Sports Program

Looking to lead an event? How many times have you asked "Why don't we do..." or " You know what the club aught to do"? WELL, contact Brigid O'Brien our Sports and Recreation Chairperson, and let's talk about it. We the club need more outdoor activities.

Pickleball has joined the line up of sports you can play with the Ski and Sports Club of Washington, DC. Pickleball is the newest racquet sport combining aspects of tennis, table tennis, and badminton to make a fun, fast paced game assessable to all ages. It is played with paddles on a hard court similar to a tennis court using a plastic whittle type ball similar. It is easy to learn and advance quickly. We’ll be conducting an introduction to Pickleball soon, stay tuned. If you are already a player, we are planning opportunities for social play similar to our Tennis program. If you want to learn or play please contact either Rita Togni, or Mary-Jo Swinimer, mjsinrussia@hotmail.comto express interest. Please indicate whether you are new to pickleball or your level of play, so we can judge interest and plan the coming events.

Our first event was a great success with 26 participants. 11 members participated in a Pickleball 101 class and then played their first game. We will be working to organize a monthly social event, informal drop in play, and establish a distribution list. Activities will be posted in the SkiGram and on the website. 

Volunteers: We need volunteers to assist with the monthly socials, please drop us an email to let us know. We also anticipate requesting members to host others at their favorite courts with informal drop in games.... more to come.

Our Sports program provides a variety of sporting activities for active adults.  These are generally warm-weather activities offered principally from spring to fall, except for Indoor Volleyball, which is also offered in the fall & winter months. Let us know of any others you may be interested in organizing. We need volunteers!


Hiking: We have day hikes close to the city as well as hikes in the mountains of Virginia and Maryland.


Biking:  Includes single day as well as weekend rides on local country roads and bike paths, and are aimed principally at the intermediate and novice riders rather than the more experienced "racers".

On Mondays, during colder weather we offer Indoor Volleyball at Jelleff's Boys Club.  During warm weather we play outdoors at the sand courts near the Lincoln Memorial.

On Tuesdays, Softball at Roundtree Park in Falls Church, and Tennis at Wakefield Park in Annandale.

On Wednesdays, Evening Golf at  Jefferson District Park in Falls Church.   We also offer a few Golf Weekends to local resorts each summer.

On Fridays,  Bowling at Bowl America in Falls Church.

Spectator Sports include 7 or 8 Washington Nationals Games, Washington Kastles Team Tennis, and the annual DC Tennis Tournament.

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