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Welcome to the SCWDC Winter Sports Program

The SCWDC Winter Sports Program offers a broad variety of group trips across the entire U.S., Canada and  Europe. Trips to other exotic ski destinations may also be offered based on interest. The goal is to offer trips that satisfy the broad range of interest and skills of our membership.   We offer a complete vacation package, including airfare, lodging, an experienced trip leader, and social events during the trip to maximize interaction within the group.   Skiing in a group also means discounted rates on lifts, lessons, and equipment rentals.  

SCWDC is a member of the Blue Ridge Ski Council, which includes 23 ski clubs in the mid-Atlantic region.  Members of any BRSC-member ski club may register for a SCWDC ski trip at our member price, and vice versa.  (We verify memberships in the other Club.)  

Ski Flight Trips are offered to the western U.S., Canada and Europe. These include ski locations offering high altitudes, powdery snow and long runs. They are multi-day events that require scheduled air as well as ground transportation. The domestic and Canadian trips generally include lift passes but no meals, while our European trip this year is all inclusive --- all meals, beverages, lifts, lessons, entertainment and trip insurance.. Because of their popularity and scheduling demands, reservations are usually required long in advance.  

Due to airline cancellation policies, we must finalize our reservations 90 days in advance of trip departure.  Every year, some members wait too long, and are not able to take the ski trip they wanted.  So DON'T WAIT, REGISTER AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE!

Eastern Trips  are offered to locations as far west as West Virginia and far north into Maine and Eastern Canada. These trips are usually of shorter duration, and mostly are "provide your own transportation" (PYOT), with a few flight trips to New England or Canadian resorts.

Most of our trips offer cross-country skiing opportunities, when cross country trails are active at the particular ski resort that you are visiting.

Learn to Ski with SCWDC's Ski School, offering expert instruction for skiers and snowboarders at all levels.  

Lead a Ski Trip by submitting an application to the SCWDC Activity Leader Evaluation Committee.  Applications for Western/International ski trips are not yet due because the process is being updated.  Check back here or at the web page which will present when you click the link to the right... Learn about our ski trip leader evaluation process HERE.

  • Friday, October 27, 2023 9:37 PM | Mary-Jo Swinimer (Administrator)

    Winter has already arrived at many western ski destinations. We are watching with excitement as snowstorms have been reported at numerous resorts in Utah and Colorado and even at Mt. Bachelor. The winter season brings a sense of anticipation to us ski enthusiasts at the Ski Club of Washington DC. The thrill of gliding down snow-covered slopes, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views, is an experience we plan for all year. And what better way to enjoy this winter wonderland than with a group of like-minded friends and family?

    Group Ski Travel remains an amazing choice for our members, and it's not hard to see why. Traveling with old friends and new friends who share your passion for skiing or snowboarding allows you to forge unforgettable moments and create lifelong memories together. Whether you're a seasoned skier or a beginner, there is something for everyone in our carefully planned adventures.

    One of the greatest advantages of ski group travel is the shared experience. Skiing is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels, making it a perfect activity for groups with varying abilities. Our trips offer you an opportunity to ski with a group who likes the same ski slopes that you do, even if your bestie or significant other prefers other options. Our trips to major resorts cater to all levels of skiers whether you're an advance skier looking for challenging slopes or a newbie seeking ski lessons or you enjoy blue cruisers.

    Traveling in a group also offers numerous practical benefits. Sharing accommodation and transportation costs can significantly reduce the overall expenses, making a ski trip more affordable. Additionally, having a larger group allows you to take advantage of group discounts and special offers provided by ski resorts or tour operators. The logistics are taken care of by others who research destinations, transportation, lodging, and activities. Plus you have an expert Trip Leader to maneuver any hiccups that occur.

    Moreover, skiing with a group provides a sense of security and support. If you're a beginner, having more experienced skiers around can boost your confidence and provide guidance on the slopes. Skiing with friends or family members also adds a level of comfort and reassurance, knowing that you have a support system in case of any mishaps or emergencies.

    In conclusion, group travel offers numerous benefits, including cost savings, shared experiences, increased safety, socializing opportunities, group expertise, stress-free planning, and greater flexibility. Whether you're embarking on a ski trip or exploring a new destination, traveling with a group can enhance the overall travel experience and create unforgettable memories.

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