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SCWDC has its own Ski School with 100% certified ski and board instructors.  Our Ski Performance Enhancement (SPE) trips offer professional instruction for beginners through experts ages 13 and up.  The SCWDC Ski School is a Certified National Member School of the Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) with instructors certified by either PSIA or the American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI). This percentage is much higher than you would find at ski resort schools. Several of our instructors have also graduated from the PSIA National Academy,  PSIA-East Trainers Academy, and/or completed the requirements for Master Teacher certification.  Our instructors continue their education and training through PSIA/AASI events.  PSIA and AASI has more than 32,000 members who teach skiing and snowboarding across the USA and beyond.

Programs that certify the skills of instructors are administered by PSIA/AASI.  The below are descriptions of the certification levels excerpted from the PSIA/AASI national standards.

Bronze Level 1 - Certified Instructors have been certified to teach students through the beginner zone and into the intermediate ability zone.  Look for a bronze colored pin worn by these pros.  This is the equivalent of a Bachelor's Degree in teaching snowsports.

Silver Level 2 - Certified Instructors have been certified to teach through the entire intermediate zone skiers and riders.  They are proven pros and this level of certification is equivalent to a Master's Degree in teaching snowsports.  Look for a silver colored pin worn by these pros.  

Gold Level 3 - This is the highest level of certification that PSIA/AASI offers.  The Level 3 has been certified to teach all levels of skiers and riders.  They are top pros and this level of certification is equivalent to a PhD in teaching snowsports.  Many of these pros train other instructors at their schools and wear a gold colored pin signifying the accomplishment of their craft.


When signing up for a Ski Performance Enhancement (SPE) trip, you must sign up early enough for us to schedule our instructors.  Please sign up early!  If you have any questions or comments about the ski school, please e-mail Mike Cavallaro, SCWDC Ski School Director, at

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