Application & EVALUATION Forms

Membership Application Form - this is the legacy application form for those who do not wish to join online

Want to lead a ski flight trip? - this will explain how we select ski flight trip leaders, and how to apply to be a trip leader.

Ski Trip Leader Application Form - this is for applicants who wish to lead a ski flight trip, should be submitted to the Activity Leader Evaluation Committee (ALEC)

Trip Evaluation Form - This form is for participants on flight trips to evaluate a the trip and the trip leaders performance

Report of Unacceptable Behavior Form - This form is for event/trip leaders to document unacceptable behavior by members and/or participants at SCWDC events

Financial Forms

Club Financial forms come in four flavors.  Click on the document to open, then print or save to your computer.

Deposits (blue) - used to submit check payments for deposit into the Club

Vouchers (green) - used to request Club reimbursement for expenditures

Transfers (pink) - used to transfer moneys or supplies from one event to another

Financial Report (Yellow) - used to provide final financial accounting of a trip or event

Manuals and Guidelines

Club manuals & guidelines provide basic information about the structure and operations of the Club, how to manage events, trips, and expenditures.  Click on the document to read, then print or save to your computer.

SCWDC Policy Manual - describes the Club's ByLaws, Rules of Procedure, Policies, Fees, and Awards

SCWDC Event Leader Financial Guide - describes the Club's financial forms, processes, and procedures

2018 Ski Trip Leader Manual - describes how to manage the operations of an event or trip, with especial focus on overnight and/or flight trips

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