Monday Night Volleyball

Play good, coed, pickup volleyball most Monday evenings, Sept. thru the end of May.  Advance reservations are not required; just show up. Teams are formed on the spot.  With Ski Club volleyball, you will typically play more games per evening than at most leagues. Enjoy optional beer and pizza afterward.  We do NOT play on federal or DC holidays -- the gym is closed.

September – May:

We have three nets at Jelleff Community Center, 3265 “S” Street NW, just a half a block off Wisconsin Avenue.  We play Mondays, with the exception of federal or DC holidays.  Play runs from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.  Cost is $5 for Ski Club members, $8 for non-members.  No bills over $20 accepted. 

Free parking in the lot at Jelleff.  Right when we start, a lot of soccer parents are picking up their young players, so the parking lot tends to be full until 7:15 p.m.  If you arrive earlier than that, just park on “S” Street AWAY from the parking meters – it’s a two-hour zone. This is a very safe neighborhood.  

Post Volleyball

Some players go out for optional beer and pizza (and other items on the menu) at Froggy Bottom Pub , 2021 K St NW, Washington, DC 20006, (202) 338-3000.  Owned by a Vietnamese family, Froggy Bottom Pub features the best pho in DC.

Play Etiquette:  

We have two levels of play: intermediate and advanced. This is not “picnic volleyball.” We play by the rules.  Play on our A-level court is quite competitive.  When we have enough players for sixes, they use a floating setter and a three-person attack on the front row.  Otherwise, they play 3s, 4s, or 5s on the A-court. Play on that advanced court is often fierce. 

Can you bump? Can you set? If your answers are “yes”, try our intermediate court. RUSTY PLAYERS ARE WELCOME! We'll give you tips to get going.  Really, we're pretty accepting on the "B" Court.

Skill levels vary on the intermediate court, so, for safety reasons, we try to stress three house rules:  1) Do not chase the ball onto another court.  i.e. stop running at the boundary line;  2)  When possible, try to take all three hits before returning the ball over the net;  3)  The setter gets the second touch, unless the setter calls HELP. 


Contact us before Monday because we’ll be playing volleyball!

John Henrehan =, or Ira Silvergleit =

Should I become a member of the Ski Club?

Some of you newcomers will get hooked and choose to come virtually every Monday. If you’re in that group, you should consider joining Ski Club of Washington D.C., our sponsoring organization. Memberships begin at $35 a year, so if you play Monday volleyball more than 12 times during the "school year", you will save money by joining.  SCWDC sponsors other sport and social activities year-round, most of which are inexpensive, and almost all offer a discount to members.  

To become a SCWDC member, use the "JOIN NOW" tab on the Home Page to learn how to join on-line using your credit card, or mail your membership application and payment check to the SCWDC office.

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