Fellow Monday Evening volleyball players:

4/5/20 UPDATE:  DC's Dept. of Parks and Recreation has ordered closed all recreation centers until further notice.  We will therefore have NO volleyball until the recreational centers are open again, not April, not May.  To resume SCWDC Volleyball in Fall 2020, a SCWDC volunteer would need to apply for the necessary permits, but SCWDC's senior officers won't authorize this unless a few of the "SCWDC Volleyball Crew "comes forward to operate the activity:  collect every Monday night's admission money, turn $ into the SCWDC office.  See below for a longer description.  Not so difficult.  The SCWDC volunteer tradition is shared responsibility:  believe in having fun for yourself, enjoy connecting with others, and share the work to continue SCWDC Volleyball.  

Check back to this page for updates.

I will try to keep you apprised.
Regards, John Henrehan
activity manager
Ski Club volleyball


The person would become the SCWDC Volleyball Coordinator and recruit a few assistants.  

The Coordinator or an assistant  would attend Monday nights to collect admission fees, which are paid in cash by members and guests.

Attendance varies between 15 and 35 members and guests.  This program was started in 1964 and has been one of our most popular activities.  John Henrehan participated in SCWDC Volleyball for many years and has served as the coordinator for the past seven years.  John was awarded SCWDC's Silver Award for outstanding service.  John made it possible for many men and women in the Tri-State area to enjoy both competitive and social volleyball.  John gets a "Big Thank You" for his service from all SCWDC officers. 

The key issue now is, that the SCWDC will not apply for the Jelleff's lease for September 2020 - May 2021 unless a SCWDC member comes forward.

Monday Night Volleyball - Starts Monday September 14th, 2020 - THIS IS A TENTATIVE PLAN, DEPENDS ON A NEW VOLUNTEER

GOOD, COED, PICK-UP VOLLEYBALL -- Players are invited to our Monday evening, drop-in, coed volleyball. (We do NOT play on Monday federal holidays.)

Play on our A-level court is quite competitive. They play 5/1or 6/2 volleyball with a floating setter and a three-person attack at the net.  Don't know what that means? Consider our intermediate court. 

On the intermediate court, we play by the rules, and we all rotate through the setter's position. We try to take all three hits before returning the ball.  Here are the key questions:  Can you serve?  Bump?  Set?  If your answers are "yes”, come and play with us.  Rusty players are always welcome! 

We have three courts, so waiting time between games is quite short. On many nights, play is continuous. JUST SHOW UP.  You'll be in a game, typically, in less than ten minutes.

Monday evenings, 7:00 p.m. -- 9:00 p.m. in upper Georgetown.  Sponsored (for many decades) by Ski Club of Washington D.C.

Jelleff Community Center, 3265 "S" Street NW, just off Wisconsin Ave.  Free parking in the lot, although right at 7:00 p.m. the lot tends to be filled with parents picking up their kids.  Usually there are plenty of spaces by 7:15 p.m.  Alternative parking:  there are always spaces on "S" Street, just avoid the metered areas.  Very safe neighborhood.

To enter the gym, look for the green awning with the name JELLEFF on it.

Cost: $5 for Ski Club members; $8 for non-members.  Cash only.  No bills over $20.

Optional beer and pizza afterward, currently at Froggy Bottom Pub, 2021 "K" Street, NW. That's in downtown D.C., near the corner of K St. and 21st St., NW.

Questions?  John Henrehan, activity mgr., Ski Club volleyball

                     Ira Silvergleit, assist. mgr, Ski Club volleyball

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