We are much more than a ski club. Our members are active year around with winter sports activities; tennis; volleyball and during the summer sailing; golf; softball and Nationals games attendance (when available). We are a non-profit organization staffed by trained experienced volunteers. We have over 1000 members and have been successful for many years in offering local activities and vacation trip opportunities.

Our members include singles, couples, and families. Children over the age of 13 may take trips with their parents under certain conditions.

We have high standards for trip planning which include the following: leader selection, training, and trip management, to make this your dream vacation.

Benefits when taking an SCWDC ski trip or travel vacation

  • Accommodations are booked at properties familiar to us
  • Airline seats based on group discounts are reserved
  • Parties, activities, mountain lunches, dinners, happy hours are planned by the trip leader
  • Admission tickets like lift tickets, tours, equipment rentals are arranged in advance - you decide what you want
  • We obtain group discounts for ski lift tickets, ski lessons and equipment rentals
  • FULL LIFT PRICES AT SKI RESORTS ARE PRETTY EXPENSIVE!  For example, a group adult lift ticket price at Vail is $520 for five days, vs. the daily rate at the Lift Ticket window is $140 per day.  That's a savings of $180!
  • You read a trip description, ask questions, decide if it is right for you based on your schedule and then you take a trip that has been totally planned

Our Leaders and skilled leadership:

  • Leader has previously been to the resort or  received training from SCWDC members that have been there before
  • Leader is capable of handling travel situations that often arise
  • Leader plans fun activities for the group
  • Leader holds a pre-trip party weeks before trip departure to acquaint trip participants with each other
  • Participants are asked to evaluate every leader at the end of a trip, so we do not let a leader return to service if they do not perform at a satisfactory level

Types of  vacation trips:

Ski trips (Eastern, Western, International), Club Med All-Inclusive vacations, Viking river and ocean cruises, Bike & Barge trips, Caribbean sailing, & more.

How to locate an upcoming trip or Club event?

Use the  menu on the toolbar at the top of the page to navigate to our various programs and activities

Use the website Event Calendar to all of the activities planned for a given month.
Depending on your web browser, the Calendar name may not display, look to the right of the "Social" menu item and the "3-line" icon to locate the Calendar

Every event has a link to contact the event leader for more information.  For privacy purposes, we usually do not list email addresses or phone numbers, but there is always a way to write an email to the leader and either get a return email or phone call. 

How to register for an upcoming event or a local trip?

  • You can ask any questions of the leader before making a decision.
  • To join a destination trip (includes air travel), you must be a Club member or a member of a BRSC-affiliated ski club.   Our membership rates are very low!
  • To join a local event, membership is not always required, but there may be a guest fee. Read the conditions stated in the event.


Please note that all trips have cancellation rules and cancellation deadlines.  Cancellation fees are low when you cancel within a certain time frame.  

After a cancellation deadline, to get a maximum refund, we must be able replace you with another person or couple.  If we cannot find a replacement, you may be responsible for the clubs "unrecoverable expenses".

Consider Travel Insurance

  • Travel insurance information is available on our website, but it is NOT a complete statement of risks and the reasons need to take out travel insurance.
  • Some trip takers should consider taking out "Cancel for Any Reason" travel insurance because there are job, family or medical reasons, known risks to prevent taking trip.
  • "Cancel for Any Reason" insurance must be taken out within 14 days of making the first payment - credit card transaction date or date of a check.
  • SCWDC cannot fully educate anyone about the many variations of travel insurance.  Contact a travel insurance agent, do a web search, investigate.
  • SCWDC has a partnership - no monetary benefit to SCWDC - with a company called Travel Protectors which offers a small cost, travel policy at $25 and up to "Cancel For Any Reason" insurance.  Now,” Cancel For Any Reason" can be expensive, but when your or your family's life is complicated by job requirements, medical issues, family members' issues, you need to consider more insurance!
  • Travel Protectors, Inc., company information is posted under SCWDC's Winter Sports at "Trip Insurance" web page. They do not have a working web page, call the company broker at (703) 443-9055 or email at, Office hours, M-F 9 AM to 5 PM. 

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