FEEDBACK AND COMMENTS from our February 2024 Windstar cruise on their flagship "Wind Surf:

Chanda: "Thank you so much for welcoming me on the cruise for the Ski Club :)  It was an AMAZING experience and  I had an AMAZING time.  I really enjoyed getting to know you and other Ski Club members."

Chizuru: "Everything was great. I was happy with crews of our sailing boat they really worked hard to please us. Check in and out was very smooth. As a mountain person who does not like the water at all still enjoyed the tour and our company. I have no complaints."

Dave & Judy:  "Everything made the cruise delightful: intimacy of a small ship, companionship of ski club members, excellent meals, joyful crew who put on an entertaining evening show, inspiring visit to Alexander Hamilton‘s birthplace, fun river tubing excursion, and exciting American Cup sailing race. The first night stay at Oyster Bay Beach Resort was a special treat."

Joann: "Loved the cruise staff, accommodations, food and islands. My favorite excursion was the Americas Cup sailing race on the last day.  It was pretty amazing-beautiful water and wonderful crew."

John:  "The five-masted 'Winds Surf' in the Caribbean was super.  We especially enjoyed the Americas Cup sailing, river tubing, Garetz the entertainment director/entertainer, the Oyster Bay resort and the meals on board as well as the accessibility, organization and good company of our trip leader Gary. This was our first experience with the ski club.  We look forward to more trips.

Linda: "The boat was wonderful, the food was great and the company was outstanding!"

Marjorie: "John and I enjoyed this trip immensely. The excursions were great. The staff was terrific and fun too. The food was delicious ! We enjoyed meeting new friends also. The accommodations were terrific!! However, I was disappointed with the snorkeling excursion in Guadeloupe, and voiced my complaints to Windstar"

Perry: "We all had a wonderful time on the Windstar cruise. Being on Windstar allowed us to meet and mingle with so many interesting cruisers…we would have never had the same opportunity on those huge cruise ships. We also loved going into the smaller ports and exploring the islands. Of course, Gary always makes for a very fun trip leader!"

Susan: "Thanks for a wonderful experience!  I don't think I could have had a better time if I would have known anyone before the trip. The group was as friendly, outgoing and welcoming as one could have hoped to join. 

Suzanne: "We just were talking about this trip.  Everything went so well.  The staff were personally attentive to all.  The food was awesome and we loved the entertainment.  As you can tell from the photos the islands were beautiful and we enjoyed our excursions.  Thank you so much for a fun trip."


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