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President's Message

President’s message January 1, 2024

Happy New Year! 2023 was a profitable ski season. Since the close of our ski season, it has been a busy year with many activities, events and travel options. This year, for the first time since COVID, we had an indoor annual meeting at Auld Shebeen in Fairfax City. The weather forecast was calling for severe thunderstorms, but we had about 100 attendees. Members and guests enjoyed free appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages. Our outdoor picnic in July at the Shipgarten was very successful. Members enjoyed meeting with old and new friends, eating, drinking and enjoying the breeze as the evening progressed. In addition to our other activities, it is great to see our members and guests gathering to catch up with one another. At the picnic, the flights committee promoted our 2024 ski trips. Several other upcoming trips were also promoted. This fall, we had our Back to the Slopes Party at the Shipgarten. The forecasted rain held off for most of the event and everyone seemed to have a good time. Several prizes were raffled off the biggest being a Club Med stay for 3 nights. It was a special spring and fall with these events bringing large numbers of members together.

Our Membership and Communications Chair Gary Rubens has updated our weekly SkiGram, and links to upcoming events are included. Please subscribe to it if you have not already done that. Currently, we have 1168 members and this is our slow season for recruiting new members. I attribute this growth to our Membership and Communications Chair and our Program Chairs.

Our Sports and Recreation Chair Brigid O'Brien revived our weekly biking program two years ago. This year, she has arranged two weekend biking trips. One to Cumberland which was very successful and another successful Biking event to Gettysburg this October. In addition, she and her committee have scheduled a Netherlands biking trip for April 2024 through VBT (Vermont Biking Tours).

In the past two years, in addition to weekday and weekend golf, we had weeklong golf trips to Hilton Head in November. This year, we planned a 5-night 4-day golf trip to Kiawah Island. It was well attended and the golfers had a great time. Our weekly and weekend golf programs are doing well thanks to Geoffrey Pennoyer and Pete Campbell.

Our Travel Chair, Yingwen Prince, with recommendations from several members, has been looking into additional travel trips. Last year, we began a partnership with Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT) and some of our members attended the trip to Egypt in October. We had another Club Med trip to Turkoise in November, 2023 More than 50 members attended this trip and had a wonderful time. We usually offer 2 Club Med trips a year; they are a big draw.

In addition to our Ski trips this winter, several members will be enjoying a Windstar Cruise to St. Maarten in February, 2024.

Our limited number of volunteers have worked diligently to keep our club going during the fast few years. We have not had a Social Chair for many years. If you are interested in this position or in leading a social event, or any other activity, please contact us at the Ski Club office at 703 532-7776 or email us at We welcome your input and suggestions.

Sincerely, Ruth D’Alessandro

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