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January 2, 2020 

I hope you enjoyed the Holiday festivities in December, and are looking forward to a healthy and joyous new  year!. In just a few more days, the 2020 ski season will begin!

Our ski flight trips program is doing well, but lagging behind last year's record numbers.  We have now registered 381 participants, about 92% of our current target, but we only got 12 new registrations during December.   For reasons that are still not clear to us, our last two ski trips of the year (Sun Peaks, Canada and Snowbird, Utah) have not sold well.  Normally in March snow conditions are the best of the year, with sunny skies and comfortable temps.  But we need to submit passenger names to the airlines soon, or else give up our seats.  So NOW is the time to sign up for a trip, before it's too late.

Club membership has stayed fairly steady this year but has dropped just below 1200 members. We are still adding about 25 new members each month, but we also lose about the same number of members each month  from non-renewals. We have added 275 new members this calendar year, 65 of whom are former members who allowed their memberships to lapse, but then decided to rejoin.. Those are good numbers, but not enough to grow the Club.  We need to do a better job of attracting more skiers and boarders to the Club, so that we can continue to fill our great ski trips, as well as our off-season sports and adventure trips, river cruises, and Club Med vacations. 

Our biggest problem is the lack of volunteers and leaders.  Every year we struggle to fill key positions, such as Program and Committee Chairs, trip leaders, and "worker bees" to help with the administrative tasks that keep the Club working well and providing the benefits that our members expect.  We have also had to cancel our Biking and Hiking programs for lack of leaders.  Both of these programs were once  very popular, and they could be again!  Recently our long-serving FInancial Manager announced his intention to retire at the end of this fiscal year (April 30, 2020).  We may be forced to hire external bookkeeping and clerical services to fill the gap, at great expense.  We have always prided ourselves on being a volunteer organization, but we may have to change our ways in order to survive and prosper.

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