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2022 SCWDC Election

SCWDC's upcoming election of officers and presentation of awards to volunteers will take place at the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at 7:00 PM.  The complete agenda is listed in the web page cited below, "Zoom Instructions - 2022.)

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Annual Meeting will be conducted virtually via "Zoom" software which has features to connect computers, smartphones and land-line telephones.  The easiest way to participate is using your landline phone to listen.  

SCWDC members can view the Zoom meeting details and get sign-in instructions by clicking this link: ZOOM Instructions - 2022, which takes you to a new page. This page contains the link to join the meeting starting at 6:45 PM, April 5.  Please try to join the meeting before 7:00 PM.  If you try to sign-in after 7 PM, there may be a short delay.

For someone viewing this page on April 5 with your computer or smartphone and you are ready to join the meeting, here is the link to join the meeting: (Don't click the link until 6:45pm or after on April 5.)

How to Vote Overview: 

- Electronic voting will be enabled on March 30 and continue until 5 PM on April 5.  SCWDC will send electronic ballots to all active SCWDC members via email on March 30.  In order to submit an electronic ballot, members must use the voting button enclosed in the email.  If you did not receive such an email, your SCWDC membership may have expired.

 - Votes may also be cast by requesting an absentee ballot from the SCWDC office, send an email to the office at, see additional instructions below under "Voting Rules." 

- Voting during the meeting will also possible. 

All votes will be tabulated and the results announced at the meeting. 

Voting Rules:

Only Active SCWDC members may vote.  Expired members are not allowed to vote, so please ensure that your membership is up to date if you plan to vote. Early votes may be cast electronically, or by paper absentee ballot.  Members may only submit one ballot.  For Family memberships, if two or more members share the same email address, only one member may submit an electronic ballot.  This is because the membership database uses the email address as the Member ID.  Other family members may update their profile to include a unique email address, or submit an Absentee Ballot.

Members can request an Absentee ballot from the Club office, by sending an email to Your membership will be confirmed, and you will receive, via reply email, a PDF ballot to be used for one vote. For a family membership, each individual wishing to vote via Absentee Ballot will need to request and file a separate ballot. Your Absentee ballot must be received in the Club office by April 5 (before 3 PM). Members who wish to vote in person can do so at the Club office from March 31 to April 5 (before 3 PM) but must call ahead (703-532-7776) to ensure that the Office Manager will be present to register their vote. 


Any Active Club member who has been a member for one year or more may run for the position of Director. Any Active Club member who has been a member for three years or more may run for the office of President. Candidates must agree to serve if elected.  The President and at least four of the Directors must be skiers. Members may run by petition, and nominations may also be made from attendees at the Election Meeting.  For more detailed information about the Club's Bylaws, Rules of Procedure and/or Policies regarding Club Elections please refer to the SCWDC Policy Manual

The Club's Nominating Committee has approved the following slate of candidates:

For the office of President, elected for one year: Ruth D'Alessandro 
For the position of Director, elected for two years:  BJ Barger, Mary Thibault, Rita Togni, and Cheryl Wiseman (you may only vote for four candidates)
Write-in candidates may be entered in the "Write-in" category.


Candidates for President:

Ruth D'Alessandro

candidate photo

I am honored to be nominated for President of SCWDC now DBA (doing business as) Ski and Sports Club of Washington DC for a second term. I have been a member of our club for over 35 years. Initially, I participated in tennis parties, instructional tennis, weekend trips, weekly tennis, and played softball.  I began skiing 3 years after I joined our club and benefited from many one day and weekend learn to ski trips. For over 30 years, I have attended approximately 3 ski trips a year. I was race coordinator on several trips, assisted trip leaders and hosted several pre-trip parties at my house. I have participated in Club Med and Viking Cruise trips.  Two years ago, I led the Park City/SFF ski trip; and last year I was trip leader for Squaw Valley which was cancelled due to COVID. This year, I led the ski club trip to Winter Park, CO. Last spring, I initiated and led a Club Med trip to Sandpiper Bay; over 40 participants safely attended. I also researched the location, negotiated prices and assisted the trip leader on our first weekly golf and tennis trip to Hilton Head Island, SC.

Several years ago, I began participating in our Wednesday evening golf program.  Since then, I have led 4 weekend golf trips to Blue Ridge Shadows in VA and 2 successful weekend golf trip to Shenvalee, VA. I have met many interesting people and made numerous lifelong friends while enjoying being active in our club.

Two years ago, I was able to spend more time giving back to our club; I was nominated and elected to the Board of Directors. I learned about our operations and budget. It was a difficult year due to COVID and we suffered financially. The BOD made prudent decisions to cancel some events. We discussed cancelling all events for the year including golf, tennis, and softball. However, the BOD determined that would be detrimental to our club and membership; many of our members wanted to participate in outdoor activities.

This year we have safely continued our outdoor activities, including a picnic in the spring and the Back to the Slopes gathering in the fall. Our biking, hiking and canoeing programs have been revitalized. All outdoor activities and trips have been well attended. Most of our ski trips have sold out. Our membership has increased by almost 200 members. Unfortunately, we have not been able to hold large indoor gatherings due to COVID variants as our club has been following CDC guidelines. As a result of our volunteers’ work, we are doing well financially and will recoup significant losses from last year.

I have been described by friends and colleagues as enthusiastic, dedicated and hardworking. I have ideas/incentives to entice new volunteers for our programs, implement new programs, continue to recoup our losses and build our club. 

Lastly, I worked for Fairfax County Public Schools for 32 years as a Social Worker and an Administrator.  The organizational, human relations and leadership skills utilized in my career have benefited me as I have been a volunteer, trip leader, member of the BOD and I hope your President for a second term.  

Candidates for Director:

B J Barger

candidate photo

After two knee replacement surgeries, I’m back to skiing and loving it! I have SCWDC to thank for getting me back on slopes; I want to pay it back by continuing to serve on the Board. After one year on the Board I have a better appreciation for Club operations. This year we’ve struggled with the impacts of COVID, so my goal is to get the social and sports aspects of SWCDC back to normal. I’m a retired AF employee with experience in HR, training and development. I have Board experience with my homeowner’s association, LPGA Amateurs and American Singles Golf Association. With the Club, I’ve skied, biked and gone to baseball games. This year I’m going to add pickleball. I’m looking forward o another year of representing the members of SCWDC. 

Mary Thibault

candidate photo

I have been a club member for about 20 years and it has been a fantastic experience. My introduction to the Club began on the Potomac River on a 19-foot ‘Flying Scot’ sailboat. As a trip leader I organized many Tuesday and Saturday Potomac sails and was also able to take sailing lessons (provided by our volunteer skippers). In addition, I had the pleasure of participating in a week-long sailing trip in the Caribbean.  Skiing is also very much a part of my background, beginning back in the 1970s at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. More recently, it has been great to take advantage of ‘good times’ on Club Med trips; a magical Bike and Barge trip in Italy, golfing and hiking.

Needless to say – I benefited from all the wonderful experiences our Club offers. As a result, I have decided to seek a term on the Board of Directors. I am now retired and have more time available to focus on a new undertaking. As far as my skills, I have both education and career experience in the financial areas. Specifically, I have a degree in accounting from Boston College. Most of my work experience comes from positions with the federal government. Several years in auditing with Dept. of Health and Human Services., several years in budgeting and a then a stint as a management analyst with DOD. My last, longest and most gratifying was with US Geological Survey as a financial manager. I learned how to listen and understand a variety of situations that were new to me. I believe that this background gives me a solid foundation for analyzing data/information and exploring possible solutions as part of a team effort.  Thank you for your consideration.

Rita Togni

candidate photo

*A member of the Ski and Sports Club since the early 90’s

*Currently serving on the Board of Directors for the past 2 years

*Ski trip leader for many years, leading USA and European trips

*Hiking leader for several local hikes

I enjoy skiing, hiking, tennis, pickleball and other sports with family and friends. The Club has evolved and expanded from being only a ski club to including other sports and social events. Volunteers work hard to make it successful.

This is what I would like to develop:

*PICKLEBALL... my latest “passion” (it is the fastest growing sport in USA). We just started with a few Pickleball events In Northern Viriginia and we need to expand to include Maryland and DC members.

*Re-instate HIKING... at all levels

*...and more

*My background?

I lived in many different countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Large family...


I worked as an Architect, as an Interior Decorator and currently in Real estate. I ask for your Vote and support, we need to work towards a club for all seasons and all ages. Thank you.

Captain Cheryl Ann Wiseman, Ret.

candidate photo

Since becoming a SCWDC member in 1990, and subsequently a Columbia Ski Club member as well, the social and experiential experiences have been nothing short of transformational.  I have been close friends with past presidents and board members, giving me their unique perspectives as well. I am a strong advocate of recruitment and marketing the club’s leadership opportunities to more young people. Our current leadership is at the helm in navigating the club’s future, and as our society begins to venture out again in pursuit of more freedom of movement and social interaction, now is the perfect time to become more aggressive in marketing the club’s potential.

As a retired O6 of 30 years (USAF and USPHS), I have time now to give back to the SCWDC that did so much for my quality of life.  My education includes 4 Master’s degrees (Psychology, Epidemiology, Human Resources Management and Social Work).  I have served as a Government Task Leader / Contractor Officer Representative at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services; a Senior Program Management Officer Consultant in CDER, FDA; a Regulatory Health Project Manager at the Office of Generic Drugs, CDER, FDA; a Senior Instructional Officer for the USPHS as well as a Transportation Officer (USAF) at Langley AFB and 32 TFS, Soesterburg, Netherlands.

I would be honored to serve SCWDC and play an instrumental part in making this organization thrive, grow and become a cogent social epicenter. 

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