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This page will be used to describe volunteer opportunities for officers and leaders.  

This is an early draft of a "Volunteer Opportunity" page.  It is left here for Admin use.

SCWDC was started many year ago by athletic and social individuals who formed a club to promote skiing and other members' interests,
like tennis, golf, sailing, dances, volleyball, softball, volleyball and especially travel vacations, like trips to ski resorts, Club Med, European  Bike and Barge, Viking River and Ocean Cruises.

Every local and travel activity is led by a volunteer who has been selected for their maturity and experience, and has been trained to handle the tasks to run the individual trip.  SCWDC c has been operating for many years, and we evaluate leaders after every activity --- was it run to our standards?

We are a group of active friendly individuals from all walks of life  - currently, we are frustrated by the limitations demanded by covid-19 virus precautions, but we must observe them - our traditional fall and winter plans include ski trips to USA Western and Canadian ski resorts, plus a major trip to Sunday River in Maine.

Success of the SCWDC depends on asking for members to consider becoming a volunteer.  We offer events and trips that range from $5 to $5,000, depending on the event's complexity and travel arrangements.  Only because we have leaders with travel and business experience, can we offer events and trips.

SCWDC officers are beginning a major effort to recruit new volunteer leaders:
- we will meet and talk to you if you come forward to volunteer
- we will identify the skills which you need to possess, so we don't put you into a place that you aren't comfortable with
- we will construct a training plan that includes training sessions, job descriptions, and training aids, plus support any  time

What types of volunteers does SCWDC need?

- members who are willing to join our Membership and Social Media Committee
- this committee will be led by a past President and former Membership Chair

- administrators for our website
- will train, and we need several volunteers so we can spread out the workload
- over time, website communication has been so much more important than any weekly email or magazine

Accounting services
- to supplement the work of our paid staff accounting members
- every organization must keep up with income and expenses; it is survival to balance these

Sports and Recreation leaders
- we need another 2-3 individuals to help run our indoor fall/winter/spring volleyball program
- we need 2-3 individuals to take over our Sunday Instructional Tennis Program, by December 2020, for the activity to begin September 2021
- we need an assistant for our Sports & Recreation Chair, who has been serving since 2006, and now has other priorities


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