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2020 SCWDC Election - Is Now Over

SCWDC sent electronic ballots to all active SCWDC members via email.   In order to submit an electronic ballot, members must use the voting button enclosed in the email.  If you did not receive such an email, your SCWDC membership may have expired.  

This page is retained for information...another election will be conduced in March and April 2021.
The candidates listed below were elected.


Only Active SCWDC members may vote.  Expired members are not allowed to vote, so please ensure that your membership is up to date if you plan to vote. Votes may be cast either in person at the annual Election Meeting on April 2, via electronic balloting, or via paper absentee ballot.  Members may only submit one ballot.  For Family memberships, if two or more members share the same email address, only one member may submit an electronic ballot.  This is because the membership database uses the email address as the Member ID.  Other family members may submit an Absentee Ballot or attend the Election Meeting on April 2 to vote in person.

Members can request an Absentee ballot from the club office, by sending an email to Your membership will be confirmed, and you will receive, via reply email, a PDF ballot to be used for one vote. For a family membership, each individual wishing to vote via Absentee will need to request and file a separate ballot. Your ballot must be received in the Club office by March 28. 


Any Active Club member who has been a member for one year or more may run for the position of Director. Any Active Club member who has been a member for three years or more may run for the office of President. Candidates must agree to serve if elected.  The President and at least four of the Directors must be skiers. Members may run by petition, and nominations may also be made from the floor at the Election Meeting.  For more detailed information about the Club's Bylaws, Rules of Procedure and/or Policies regarding Club Elections please refer to the SCWDC Policy Manual

The Club's Nominating Committee has approved the following slate of candidates:

For the office of President, elected for one year:  Bill Johnston
For the position of Director, elected for two years:  Ruth D'Alessandro, Mary Kaye Hrivnak, Rene' Thierry, Rita Togni.  
Write-in candidates may be entered in the "Other" category.


Bill Johnston

candidate photo

I am seeking-election as your next SCWDC President. I previously served as President in from April 2007 – April 2009, and since then in many other volunteer roles up through 2020.

I believe someone serving as President should be ready to continue past practices that have been successful but also bring new ideas. My ski experiences:  I have been a ski flight trip leader for 12 trips and a participant on 5 ski trips. I am going to work with the Flights Committee to plan the 2021 Western and International season of 12 to 15 trips and with the Eastern Chair to plan trips with Ski School instruction.

For something new, I would like to copy the event of another ski club, holding a "Thank You for Skiing with SCWDC" party for 2020 ski trip takers (Western, International, Eastern, and Ski School instructors) shortly after the end of ski season. This event will bring all ski leaders and many participants together to talk over the good times they had, share photos, and plan their 2021 trips.

On the social side of the club, I support a return of the member picnic in July, usually held on a Sunday in July or August.

I would like to return to the practice of holding “meetings” but  experiment with "Theme/Fun/Educational" Get-Togethers on some weekend days - a replacement for week- night monthly meetings which are too difficult to attend for many people due to traffic hassles and other commitments. Possible themes and speakers: exercise instructor for skiing, an orthopedist who might answer questions about hip and knee injuries/treatments, and tips for safe airline travel.

I will continue the work of the past President to simplify club administration and leader participation.

Who am I?  In my time as a Club member, I went from a happy-go-lucky skier and tennis player to running the entire SCWDC tennis program for five and one-half years, serving as Board member for a total of five years and President for two years, Budget and Finance chair for five years, and performing as a web administrator and assistant web administrator for three of the four web sites that SCWDC has used since 1998.

I believe the club needs a mix of traditional activities, plus new ideas and events if we are to survive as a club and meet the needs of members.  I ask for your vote.


Ruth D'Alessandro

candidate photo

I have been a member of SCWDC for over 35 years. Initially, I participated in tennis parties, the instructional tennis program, weekend trips and weekly tennis at Haines Point. I also played softball. I began skiing 3 years after I joined SCWDC and benefited from many one day and weekend learn to ski trips. Over 30 years, I have attended 3 ski trips a year. Most recently, I have participated in Club Med trips and a Viking Cruise.  Several years ago, I became involved in Wednesday evening golf. Through the years I have met many interesting people and have made numerous lifelong friends while enjoying being active. 

While working, I did not have time to volunteer but I was the race coordinator on several ski trips when the club participated in the racing program. In recent years, I have assisted trip leaders on ski trips. For the past 3 years, I have led weekend golf trips to Blue Ridge Shadows in Virginia. Recently I led the ski trip to Park City/SFF.  In addition, I have hosted several pre-trip parties at my house. 

I worked for Fairfax County Public Schools for 32 years as a Social Worker and an Administrator. The organizational, human relations and leadership skills utilized in my career have benefited me as I have become a trip leader. 

I have grown and benefited during my years as a member of the ski club and I would like to give back to the organization. I look forward to working with board members to continue to grow our membership and to provide new and exciting opportunities for us. I believe it is important to identify, encourage and provide leadership opportunities for new members.

Mary Kaye Hrivnak

candidate photo

For the past 20 years, the Ski Club has given me the opportunity to meet numerous interesting people, form new and long-lasting relationships, and participate in fun-filled activities including tennis trips, tennis parties, hiking, sailing, and cultural events. I’ve hosted several tennis parties over the past years and I am currently on the Ski Club Board.

In addition to my Ski Club volunteer experience, I’ve been very active in The Tennis Group (TTG).

In 2006, I was elected President. As President, it was very important for the TTG board and me to continue to offer events that brought our members together creating fun and camaraderie for all.

We also focused on implementing marketing initiatives to recruit new members. Further, I’ve co-chaired numerous TTG banquets, hosted TTG tennis parties, and co-coordinated the TTG Team Tennis program for 3 years.

Regarding my professional career, my work experience includes managing retail stores and providing program support for various companies. My leadership, marketing, and organizational skills enabled me to receive numerous awards for leading teams to increase sales, customer base, and customer satisfaction. 

I would like to give back to the Ski Club and I would be honored to continue to work with the Ski Club Board and members. I hope to use my years of professional and volunteer experience to keep the group moving forward by supporting the club’s efforts of fostering new ideas, bringing new members into the group, and continuing to provide activities that will bring fun and camaraderie to all of our members.

Rene Thierry

candidate photo

I have been a member since 1987 and I have served on the Board several times  because I am concerned about the Club's future.  That is why I am running again for another two -year term as Director.  

Frankly, our business model is not working anymore and we desperately need  to change if the Club is to be viable in the future.  Our model is based on dedicated volunteers working many unpaid hours running Club activities.   We have a difficult time  getting volunteers now and the Club's activities have suffered.   

As our membership has aged, we no longer have the number of skiers to fill all  our ski trip slots.  Several trips were cancelled or cut back this year and we sold about 100 less ski spots than we budgeted for.  

What must we do?  First we need to get all of our members to help recruit new members to the club.  If you know a skier, tennis player or sailor, recruit them to join SCWDC.  We have great activities and your friends will thank you for inviting them to join.  

We also need to expand our membership recruitment efforts thru social media.   This includes improving our website further and using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter effectively in order to recruit new members and sell our trips.  If you have any skills in this area, we could use volunteers to help us with  this important effort.  

I ask for your vote so we can meet our challenges and Keep SCWDC GREAT!

Rita Togni

candidate photo

I am not a politician and I don’t know how to “run” for a position, but I have ideas that I would like to implement:

* I am a Ski club member since the early 1990’s

* I volunteered leading many ski trips in the States and Europe, as well as some local hikes.

*I enjoy skiing, hiking, playing tennis; all activities that I have been doing with my family.

The club has evolved from being only  a ski club, to include other  sports and social events, but we still need to grow.  Our volunteers work hard to make it successful and I would like to help in this new phase.

*I would like to expand the club “for all seasons” to be the club for “all ages”

*Re-instate hiking

…and more…

My background? I lived in many countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Professionally? I worked as an Architect, as an Interior Designer and currently in Real Estate.

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