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2019 SCWDC Election

FINAL NOTICE:  SCWDC has sent electronic ballots to all Active SCWDC members via email.  A Final Notice was emailed on April 10.  In order to submit an electronic ballot, members must use the voting button enclosed in the email.  If you did not receive such an email, your SCWDC membership may have expired.  


Only Active SCWDC members may vote.  Votes may be cast either in person at the annual Election Meeting (April 18), via electronic balloting, or via paper absentee ballot.  Members may only submit one ballot.  For Family memberships, if two or more members share the same email address, only one member may submit an electronic ballot.  This is because the membership database uses the email address as the Member ID.  Other family members may submit an Absentee Ballot or attend the Election Meeting on April 18 to vote in person.

For the office of President, elected for one year:  Gary Rubens
For the Board of Directors, elected for two years:  Leo Boelhouwer, Donna Harris, Mary-Jo Swinimer, Foster Stolte, David Toms.  (you may only vote for four candidates)
Write-in candidates may be entered in the "Other" category.

Election of Officers (Bylaws Article V, Section 3)
Currently: “For the election of officers, votes may be cast either in person, via electronic balloting, or via paper absentee ballot.
Proposed: Change “officers” to “the President and Directors”
Reason: Precision of language.

Membership Dues (Rules of Procedure Article II, Section 1)
1-year Single - $35, 1-year Family - $53, 
3-year Single - $95, 3-year  Family - $149
5-year Single - $155, 5-year Family - $249

1-year Single (renewal) - $35, 1-year Single (new) - $45
3-year Single (renewal) -$95, 3-year Single (new) -  $105
1-year Family (renewal) - $53, 1-year Family (new) - $70
3-year Family (renewal) - $149, 3-year Family (new) - $166
5-year memberships will no longer be offered
Reason:  There is currently no incentive for members to renew on time, reducing renewal rates and Club revenue.  Only the membership dues for new members are increased; while the renewal rates are unchanged. The 5-year plans are not popular.

Composition of the Board of Directors (Bylaws Article V, Section 2)
Currently: "At least five of the eight Directors, including the Vice President, shall possess skiing ability at least equal to that required to pass the SCWDC Basic Skills Test and have skied or snowboarded within three years of the date that the candidate would become Director."
Proposed: Change five of the eight Directors to four of the eight


Gary Rubens

I am honored to seek re-election as your next SCWDC President.  I believe that I possess the experience, judgment, and leadership skills that the Club needs to ensure its future success.  Following are my credentials:

  • SCWDC member since 1968
  • Past SCWDC President (three separate terms)
  • Past SCWDC Director
  • Past Committee Chair (Budget & Finance, Elections, Nominations)
  • Past Program Chair (Business, Meetings, Member Services, Public Relations, plus Tennis Program Chair for over 20 years!)
  • Designer and Administrator of the SCWDC website
  • SCWDC Facebook Administrator (one of several)
  • Lifelong skier (over a dozen NASTAR ski racing medals)

Our Club is doing many things right! Let’s continue to improve:

  • We have a world class website! I spent over 2 years designing our website and then stood it up in June of 2016. This year we leveraged the website’s capabilities to enable electronic voting, even from a smart phone. 
  • We now have our first ever Corporate sponsors! I successfully recruited Club Med and Travel Protectors, with many benefits to the Club and its members.  We now include basic trip insurance on all flight trips.

Our Club is facing many challenges, and requires strong leadership:

  • Credit card processing fees have soared, stressing the Club’s budget and financial health. Credit cards are here to stay! We will need innovative solutions to maintain this essential benefit while keeping our costs as low as possible.
  • Several key leadership positions are vacant, such as Budget & Finance Chair. Our Club is a business, and we need effective financial planning to ensure the Club’s long-term success.  As a former Budget and Finance Chair, I have the experience to lead our budgeting process effectively.
  • Membership levels are steady but need improvement.  This year we averaged almost one new member every day, but our members too often are delaying their membership renewals.  We have recommended some changes to our dues structure to address this problem.

As President, I will attack these issues with dynamic solutions.  This will require substantive changes, while avoiding disruption.  I hope you will support me in my quest to improve and modernize our Club.  You can count on me, and I am counting on you!


Leo Boelhouwer

I joined the club in 2000, after I found SCWDC in the yellow pages (!). Very soon I became the cultural chair, a position I held for 6 years. During that time there were about a dozen people running cultural events. In 2009 I became president of the club and helped celebrate the organization’s 75th anniversary in 2011.

It was also during my presidency that I started what turned out to be a 6-year tradition of holding an annual pool-and-pizza party at the apartment complex where I lived in McLean. About the same time, I got involved in editing the club’s magazine. I have been vice president and magazine editor ever since.

More recently, I joined the Policy Committee, where we update the club’s policy manual with changes in the club’s rules of operation.

There is of course an ongoing concern about our club’s membership numbers. They appear to have stabilized the last year or so, but they are not increasing. Lately we started to experiment with social media to attract people to our activities. It looks promising.

I have taken countless ski trips with the club, both in the US and Canada, all very enjoyable. There was also the benefit of the club’s ski school. It has helped me a great deal in my efforts to become a parallel skier.

As for my professional life, I am retired from both IBM and Lockheed Martin. I was fortunate in that I rotated through many assignments. They ranged from predicting how many mainframes it would take to stay in touch with the Apollo program astronauts 99% of the time to designing online data collection for the New York City Police Department.

With your vote, I will be happy to continue to support the club to the best of my ability.

David Toms

David Toms has been a member of the Ski Club since 2006.   During that time, he has been very active with the club participating as a skier, tennis player and sailor.  He has led several ski trips and has been a skipper for the sailing program.  He is presently leading the trip to Club Med, Sandpiper Bay.   Finally, David has previously served as a Board member for the 2016-17 board.  During that time, he re-invigorated the Club's marketing efforts by establishing a Marketing / Communications committee.  The committee developed several efforts to improve the Club's visibility in the local market.   

Before retiring in 2017, David was a business development consultant with several technology firms in the DC area.  He also is a retired naval officer and government program manager.    

If elected as a Board member, David intends to help strengthen the club's efforts in marketing and membership enrollment.  

Donna Harris

My name is Donna Harris and I have been a member of SCWDC since 2000. I take 2 Western trips each winter and would like to give back to the Club as a thank you for all the great trips and fun friends that I have met through the years. I am also a part time ski instructor at Ski Liberty. My other passion is tennis. I play year-round, captain a team, captain contract time groups, and play at the USTA 4.0 and 4.5 level. We all would like to see the club membership increase, and keep trip costs down. I will do my best to work with the other board members in these efforts. I have strong organizational skills (taught this in a business environment) that often come in handy. I am retired from 25 years in the biomedical supply business, and co-chair a 30-year-old ladies’ investment club. My husband and I have 2 grown sons, and we live in Maryland.

Mary-Jo Swinimer

My name is Mary-Jo Swinimer and I am a candidate for the SCWDC’s Board of Directors.  I have been an active Club member for over 30 years --- wow, that is a long time. I have enjoyed participating in a wide variety of club activities, social events and trips with an emphasis on skiing.  I have met lifelong friends and tons of ski buddies.  I believe in our Club’s ability to bring people together and to provide great value to its members.

Over the past year, I have gained increasing knowledge of the nuts and bolts of the Club’s operations.  I am currently serving as the Club’s Secretary,  which means I am an Officer who attends all Board meetings and takes the official minutes.  As a result, I have become very familiar with the Board’s duties and with Club policies and procedures. Additionally, I am a member of the Ski Flight Trips Committee, which provides members with one of their greatest benefits – our excellent ski trips. Every year the Committee plans the trip schedule, contracts with tour operators to provide the best value, and supports and directs trip leaders.

Professionally, I am a recently retired Diplomatic Security Officer for the US Department of State. I have managed large programs and contracts in an international environment. I know the importance of establishing consistent policies and managing large budgets. As a side benefit, I have traveled and skied around the world, giving me a unique perspective on planning and evaluating air, transportation, and lodging. While I served in Frankfurt Germany, I was a member of the Frankfurt International Ski Club and was their Membership Co-Chair. I am currently an aspiring goldsmith.

SCWDC is competing with not just other clubs but also with businesses and the do-it-yourself travel opportunities that weren’t so easy a decade ago. My goals as a Board Member would be to help the Club reach out to and engage potential members using social media, to identify activities that would attract new members, to increase member benefits, and to recruit new volunteers.

I respectfully ask for your vote.

Foster Stolte

Dear fellow members:

I am a work retiree from the national defense field, space and intelligence field (contract and program management), and the U.S. Foreign Service (consular officer). I have served as a member of the SCWDC Board of Directors for about 18 months now. I have been a ski club member for over 10 years, and I was also a ski club member during the 1980s-1990s. I participate in a number of SCWDC events: bowling, softball, the tennis parties, sailing program as a skipper, and international ski trips.

The very good news is that since Gary Rubens took over the position of President April 2018, I am pleased to report to you that the club now has a firm hand at the helm and that the club’s future is bright. Gary brings strong financial, interpersonal, and technical skills to the forefront. The club is in a solid cash position, and we continue to do a brisk trade on our ski club and adventure trips. The tennis program also continues to thrive. Things are stable and are likely to continue that way. Gary is capable of digging deeply into the website, user access and utility, and wave of the future computer-related advertising issues to ensure that we will maintain our relevancy in the on-line modus operandi that the club has taken by necessity. The Board members have followed Gary’s lead, because we know that he is exploring the right issues, and we investigate those issues together at a micro level during the meetings. We have a very cooperative Board, cooperative in the sense that we do have healthy debates and often strong variances of opinion about issues, but that we usually reach a unanimous or nearly unanimous consensus by voting time, because the issues are so well vetted. So we thrash out the issues thoroughly, competently, and also civilly. We have not solved all of the club’s problems on the membership roll issues, but we are actively working those problems, most of which are demographically based.

I will be proud to serve on our Board for the next term, and I solicit your vote toward that end.

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